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Fighting Quest


    Dear adventurer, welcome to the Fighting Quest blog.

    Before anything else, let me introduce myself. My name is... well... I'm known around these parts simply as AF. You know, I'm a dwarf from the famous town of Stonebridge and in the last few years I have been travelling through all of the continent in search of stories of courage... stories like yours.
    We met in one of the many taverns which exist in Silverton and it was I the humble scribe to whom you decided to tell your whole story after being wasted by several pints of ale. No-one seemed to believe in you, furthermore seeing you in that state, but I saw something in your eyes, something that made me feel you were telling the truth. For that same reason, I decided to give you an opportunity, took out my old notebook and got ready to write down all the adventures you went through.

Illustration: Leo Hartas

    What you experienced, you will now have to remember. It's up to you the task of saving Allansia from a cruel destiny in the hands of a fearsome witch thirsty of revenge and power. It wont be easy, so it's better to prepare yourself.
    If you want to study carefully the adventure instructions, go to the INSTRUCTIONS, but if you wish to start immediately this quest, jump to the BACKGROUND.

    I can only wish you good luck, because you're going to need it...

    Remember, if you don't succeed, all of this, will just be pure imagination.


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